With one luggage lost every second, it is imperative to be able to protect its luggage. For any passenger it is important to know that an alternative solution and service  exist to avoid loss checkin luggage  The airlines badly communicate on this subject. Besides, who really knows what happens after the luggage disappears from the check-in area. The aim of AeroTAG is to intervene upstream and provide the necessary information according to airlines practice to allow all luggages equipped with AeroTAG to reach its destination on time and be retrieved by its owner. AeroTAG reinforces the luggage identification and traceability in order to avoid problems. AeroTAG is the inseparable complement of all types of checked luggage to avoid loss, inform about luggage delay and actively support to shortern time to retrieve luggages.  

  1. Buy the recharge needed

Calculate the number of flights you will make for your trip. A stopover counts for one flight meaning for one trip with one stopover you will need two flights.  On purchase, a rechargeable AeroTAG includes two flights.

  1. Make your order

When purchasing a refill, you must indicate your AeroTAG reference (5-digit number).

  1. Pay and enjoy

After payment we make sure your order is processed as soon as possible. Usually, update is made within one hour from order. The number of flights appears in the counter of the app. At usage, the flight number is decreasing. You can recharge online or with the mobile app.

To use your promotional code, simply choose your model and add it to your cart. In the field "Enter your promo code", enter your promo code and click save. The amount of your basket will change and reflect the amount of the exclusive pricing you are granted. Note: If you have already created an account on the mobile application, you must create a new account to order (Check, create an account for later use) or you can also order without creating an account. The online site and the mobile application are disassociated for security reasons.

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