RRFID electronic card

R rfid & codebars

The electronic bagtag is specific to enable reading the route information of an aircraft hold luggage. This new generation of card includes rfid (Radio Frequency Identification) technology for readers in addition to Barcodes. Rfid technology is a radio wave identification mode. The chip of the card is activated by these waves for the reading of the bag information. In the process of deployment, this technology should eventually replace the use of barcodes. This is the ideal way for overall compatibility according to the deployment made by airlines.

  • Format

    : 8,5 x 5,4 cm
  • Hooked

    : Steel cable supplied
  • Nominative

    : Civility, first name, last name
  • Encryption

    : RFID, BARCODES & manual specifications
  • Exclusive

    : One bagtag per luggage
  • Management

    : unlimited number of bagtag to manage with the app

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