Unique, exclusive & global

Use AeroTAG to secure and personalize your luggage with our collection of connected electronic bagtag for suitcases and bags. Becoming mandatory during certain transport, this universal travel accessory makes it possible to identify and differentiate your luggage while giving them a technological and trendy touch. On these personalized labels, you connect your passenger registration information in 2 clicks and travel freely.
etiquette a bagage connectee - Meta Titles

Electronic bagtag

Passenger, flight and luggage information are available in real time for airlines usage. It takes over the airline luggage tag.

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Unique, exclusive & global


L'application mobile AeroTAG - Meta Titles


The app connects, in 2 clicks, the information to the electronic tag wherever you are. It labels the bag correctly and enables the notification and follow-up in case of problem.
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Les services AeroTAG - Meta Titles

Services +

♦ Rechargeable as needed or unlimited

♦ Bag picture

♦ Passport copy

♦ Flight compensation eligibility
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Without commitment, rechargeable or unlimited


Le graal des etiquettes bagages AeroTAG - Meta titles

The connected luggage tag graal

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rfid, barcodes & airlines information system


AAeroTAG: concept

Worldwide identification service for all types of hand and hold luggage. Secures, protects and facilitates access to luggage passenger information to manage correctly its routing by airlines and airports around the world.

The problem

How to make sure that your luggage arrives at your destination while so many are misplaced each year? Failure is often linked to the company's "barcodes label" attached to check-in luggage. It is the only means of identification of the route by the luggage sorting systems of airlines. If it is torn off, not legible or incorrect, luggage is not recognized in computer systems and can not be returned to the owner. In addition, the labels carried out by passengers mention their main addresses which do not facilitate the identification of the destination; nothing is really made available to passengers to tag their luggage according to airlines practice. It is to simplify the passengers journey that we have developed AeroTAG.  


1 baggage per second is mishandled in the world due to a labeling problem. In four years, about 100 million travelers have paid the price. The other problem is that the barcode information is temporary and after 72 hours searches are no longer priority; The luggage is then auctioned or sent to a unclaimed luggage center that receives over 7000 new items each day for sale.

Our concept

Labeling of hand and hold luggage is mandatory. The AeroTAG application configures and connects the passenger's information to the electronic bagtag according to airlines practice. The electronic tag allows airlines and airports to read passenger informations by radio frequency (rfid), barcodes or manually, depending on the treatment method used. AeroTAG is like a luggage universal passport. In case of problems, AeroTAG allows to receive notifications and to carry out the baggage tracking.


Our approach is exclusive, innovative and unique. This is the 2.0 generation of luggage tags. It is a jewel of technology designed to prevent the loss of luggage. AeroTAG has multiple exclusive and unique features: Configuration and connection of information, permanent availability of information in real time, notification and tracking of the status of luggage in case of problems, copy of passport, photo of luggage and free evaluation of probabilities of reimbursement in case of flight delay up to € 650 per passenger.



The electronic card is lithium-free in accordance with worldwide regulations.
Identification, in real time, anywhere in the world.

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Multi-stop, multi-company, Frequency radio identification, barcodes or manual depending on the technology used by airlines or airports.
You would be wrong to deprive yourself of it.

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The service is unlimited or rechargeable as needed with two flights included; recharge as needed (2, 6, 10 or 20 flights to leave).
The bag protection for any passenger.

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HHow it works!


your electronic bagtag with a rechaergable or unlimited service.

Download the app

Activate the service. Attach the elctronic tag to your luggage with the steel cable.

At every journey

Scan the airline boarding pass and bag receipt with the app. Information are immediately configured and connected.

additional Services

Notification and tarcking in case of problem, bag picture, passport copy, compensationn analysis for flight delay.